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11/8/2014 9:47 PM



 Bassetfest 2024 will be SEPT 28 from 11-3P at Pizzuro Dog Park in Gahanna, OH! 



Come and join us for another day of fun as we celebrate BASSETFEST! Bassetfest is our biggest in person fundraiser of the year!

We have raffle baskets, an auction, T-shirt and calendar sales, basset races, biggest ears and paws contests, costume contest, pet portraits and nail trims, and bassets! Lots of bassets! Last year we had an estimated 300 people and 200 dogs show up! It's a public dog park and ALL DOGS are welcome! 

 Phodography614 and Luxury Pawz Mobile Pet Spa will also be joining us again for Bassetfest and doing pet portraits and nail trims! Both were wonderful additions last year and we look forward to working with them both again! 

Each year we have more and more people and dogs join us from several states including Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Kentucky! We are proud to have such a wonderful base of followers who continue to help us help bassets in need! 

If you are interested in joining us as a volunteer or have ideas to help us make Bassetfest better, reach out to us at ohbassetrescue@yahoo.com! We will have small snacks and water available for purchase, bring your dog, a chair/blankets, and your cash to help us raise money to keep our basset piggy bank full! Credit cards and venmo will also be accepted!

And don't forget to follow us on FACEBOOK for updates! 






What is Bassetfest you ask? Did you miss it?

Bassetfest is our biggest fundraiser and consists of raffle baskets, auctions, costume contest, biggest paw and longest ear contests, calendar and T-shirt sales and of course the BASSET RACES! And most importantly we have YOU and YOUR BASSETS! Please scroll down to see pics from past year's Bassetfests!

What do you need to bring to Bassetfest? Well, ALL DOGS ARE WELCOME! ESPECIALLY BASSETS! Bring a chair or blanket, we will have snacks and water and pop for sale but bring what you need knowing food is only allowed outside the park fence, bring sunglasses, sunscreen, an umbrella and money to help us raise money by buying raffle tickets, shirts, calendars misc items, and our live AUCTION! 

Please remember we have Bassetfest in a public dog park so park rules will apply! The city of Gahanna allows us the use each year and they have a WONDERFUL park with lots of space, a walking path, and an obstacle course for the dogs. Please bring bags to help clean up after your dog and help keep the park clean! Please make sure all dogs are up to date on shots!

We do take cash and credit cards and will allow Paypal and Venmo payments also! 

We would LOVE to have as many volunteers as possible so when the time comes if you can help please email us at ohbassetrescue@yahoo.com and let us know! 

Donations are also always being accepted and encouraged! We collect donations all year not only for Bassetfest our live event but also for Facebook auctions through the year!   If you can send donations via mail you can to: OBHR, PO BOX 413, Brookville, OH 45309. If you have larger items and are near Dayton, Columbus, Cincy or Cleveland please let us know as we have volunteers who can help get them to us!  

Contact us for a personal address if you would like to have a company like Amazon mail directly to us! 




Thank you all for your help and generosity keeping us up and running! It is through the generosity of all of our donors that we are able to do what we do for the hounds! Please explore our website and see how you can help!

You can be a monthly donor and spread out donations through the year! It's tax deductible!

You can help us by fostering or transporting our hounds! We are always looking for new volunteers!

You can help us by shopping at Kroger and designating us as your charity! You shop and Kroger donates!

Want to help more? Want to help us with fundraising, processing applications, or have any other ideas? Shoot us an email at ohbassetrescue@yahoo.com!

We look forward to seeing you all again at Bassetfest LIVE in each year! Stay safe and healthy!

Warmest regards from OBHR!

Sally - OBHR director

Valerie - Fundraising

Kim - Transports

Barb, Janice - Applications

And all of our wonderful fosters and transporters! 





 Please enjoy some of the pictures below from this year's Bassetfest! You can view more on our Facebook Fundraiser page also! 



Bassetfest 2023!